Commercial Flights

We can customise our helicopter flights for your needs. Whether it’s commercial or private, here are some of the options:


Weddings, Engagements and Special Events

For a breath-taking mountain top wedding ceremony or post ceremony photographs in the magnificent alpine scenery, Tekapo Helicopters has many options to make your day truly unforgettable. Let us transport you by helicopter to one of the many breath-taking locations around the Mackenzie Basin and the Southern Alps, with options from dramatic alpine landings overlooking the turquoise lakes to snow covered mountain tops. We will make your special day unforgettable and truly magical.

We can also organise your engagement flight complete with Champagne and a deluxe picnic to surprise and delight your partner for a truly unforgettable proposal. We haven’t had a ‘no’ yet!

Aerial Photography

With the impressive Southern Alps and Mount Cook and Westland National Parks at our doorstep we can cover a large area in a short time for those dramatic photos or video you are after.

Our pilots have a lot of experience in filming and photography work and will put you in the right spot at the right time for that perfect image and video. With a great wealth of knowledge about the terrain and lighting throughout this area our pilots can help with the planning of your video or photo-shoot to maximise your time efficiently so you can achieve outstanding images to showcase this spectacular area.

Frost Control

Frost control is a critical component of the fruit growing industry when the buds are out and the fruit is forming, and a crop is extremely vulnerable between August and December.

Tekapo Helicopters fleet of Hughes 500D and AS350 helicopters are equipped with radios to maintain two-way radio communications with other pilots, ground crew and the orchardists. With our own company frequency we are able to supply a hand-held radio to the orchard to maintain two-way communication with the helicopter pilots.

Helicopters have the ability to draw air down through its blades and force it below. We can use this process to pull warmer air from the inversion layer above and push it onto the surface below across targeted vegetables and vines. This air movement warms the atmosphere around the plants and prevents frost from establishing on the buds, leaves and fruit.


Tekapo Helicopters operates a modern fleet of helicopters and equipment, with comprehensive systems to support fire control operations. Our fleet provides you with flexibility and availability for aerial fire suppression.

Our quick response to fires allows us to promptly assist with controlling fires and protecting properties in the Cantebury region. We have our own range of aerial fire-fighting equipment and employ highly experienced ground support crew. Our pilots are highly skilled in fire-fighting within Australasia and have all completed the relevant NZQA standards up to Lead Fire Pilot.

We offer the follow fire-fighting capabilities:

  • Aerial mapping and infrared imaging
  • Surveillance and control post
  • Water bombing
  • Ground crew support


At Tekapo Helicopters we offer lifting capabilities on all of our aircraft; we have the Hughes 500D for smaller jobs and the AS350 for bigger jobs up to 750kg.

We offer precession placement of all things that can be lifted, i.e., concrete, gravelling, fire-fighting, construction, aerial sluicing, banner towing, and power line survey/stringing.

Any lifting job will be looked at and considered.


The Mackenzie basin is right in the heart of some fantastic tahr hunting areas. Our pilots are very experienced and have extensive local knowledge and by trying to manage the areas instead of just dropping everyone in one area it insures for better hunting in the future, Tekapo helicopters will provide you a safe, professional and reliable service.

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